Ninja Leaves Twitch For A New Gaming Platform

Ninja Leaves Twitch For Mixer.

Who is ninja ?



Ninja is one of the biggest and well known gaming streamer of the world, he was the most followed streamer on twitch with over 14 million followers.
Ninja’s real name is Richard Tyler Blevins born on June 1991. He started his gaming career by playing Halo3 in 2009. He also played for many eSports organisations like Cloud9, Team Liquid, Renegades and currently playing for Luminosity Gaming.
Ninja started streaming on twitch in 2011 by playing H1Z1 , later he started playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. When he started streaming Fortnite his viewership started increasing and it proved to be a turning point in his streaming career.
When he started streaming Fortnite his viewership started getting increasing in September 2017, Ninja had 5,00,000 followers but after playing Fortnite on stream in just six months this number went over 20,00,000.
During an event Ninja Vegas 2018 he played witch Travis Scott, Drake and Smith-Schuster Ninja broke his own viewing record with 6,67,000 live viewers. So basically its his pure gaming skills which help him to rise as such level.

What is mixer ?

Mixer is a one of the latest gaming platform available to streamers. It was created by Matthew Salsamendi and James Boehm on January 5, 2016 as Beam. After 7 months, Beam was acquired by Microsoft for an undisclosed amount on May 25, 2017 Microsft renamed Beam as Mixer because they were unable to use the former name gobally. The word mixer is relatively new and is only available in 18 languages of the world.

The Controversy:-

Recently when Ninja announces that he is leaving twitch for full time streaming on mixer a live streaming platform for gamers owned by Microsoft, after that twitch started behaving immaturely by showing some other streamer when someone opens Ninja’s stream after that ninja put some stories on Instagram in which he reacted to this situation.
After watching Ninja’s reaction twitch reverted Ninja’s channel to how an offline page should look. After this immature and unprofessional behaviour of twitch #twitchoverparty was trending on twitter US. Few days back Twitter Gaming tweeted ”Flex gameĀ 💪 What game are you expert level at? to which Mixer replied ”twitter trending game lately’ which directly trolls twitch.
But after all its totally Ninja’s choice that where he wants to stream any streaming platform cannot use his channel for it’s own benifit and twitch is such a big gaming platform that if few gamers leaves twitch that does not make any difference on twitch’s revenue they are still having many big streamers like Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, TSM_Myth, Tfue and many other.