Mortal Leaving Team Soul | Scout Joins Team Soul

About Team Soul!!!

team soul

Indian gaming community is growing on a rapid pace. Indian pro gamer’s who made a team named team soul is participating in various e-sports and making india proud.

They are making us proud by representing India on such an international platform.
Recently in an international PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) e-sport tournament  Team soul participated. The tournament was held in Berlin,Germany. It was organized on  by PUBG gaming company .
In this tournament 15 best e-sport organizations competed with each other. Team soul consists of 4 players Soul Ronak, Soul Owais, Soul Viper and Soul Mortal.
In PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) China’s esports team  won the tournament with 344 point and Team Soul ended up at 12th position with 181 points.

Who Is Mortal?

team soul

In the tournament fan’s favourite title was won by Mortal. He is an important member of TEAM SOUL, his real name is Naman Mathur.
He is a YouTube steamer and  have over 2 million subscribers. Mortal started his streaming career in 2015 by playing mini miltia and later he began playing PUBG mobile which proved to be a turning point  in his career.
He gained massive attention due to his epic level gameplay and pro gaming strategy.He had  played and won many tournaments. He secured 12th position in PMCO .
After that he took a break from streaming and also left SOUL e-sports. Leaving SOUL actually means he will remain the part of SOUL but will not play any tournament for TEAM SOUL thus his place was taken by another PUBG Mobile player and YouTube streamer scOut.

Scout Joins Team Soul!!!

Team soul

ScOut is one the best player of PUBG mobile in India. His real name is Tanmay Singh,he previously played for TeamIND but now temporarily he has moved to team Soul.
When ScOut did his first live stream on YouTube he started getting too many criticising comments on his live stream, blaming him for replacing Mortal from team Soul.
Due to this  ScOut lost his tamper and stated some highly harsh words to his viewers as well as to Mortal. Mortal did not react to the situation and later scOut pardoned for his unprofessional behaviour but with that marked ”that it is Mortal’s duty  to control his fans and accept the new member of his team”.
Before all this controversy on 14 august 2019 after a long break of few weeks from streaming Mortal did live stream on YouTube and he got the maximum watching on YouTube India with around 135k live watching which is a record breaking live stream, before Mortal the record holder was Dynamo Gaming with 12k live watching.
We are expecting some new records to break the older  ones not only on National level but at international level.
ALL THE BEST INDIAN GAMING COMMUNITY, hopefully in a few years due to these pro gamers we would be able to see gaming as a profession with future prospects.